La Cacciatrice

(Chiesa di Helena Bertinelli)



Friendly reminder that:

  • New-52 Helena Bertinelli is of a mixed Italian and African descent

What? But the writer said she was still Italian. When did this happen?

You can be black and Italian at the same time.

Here’s proof of it.



I don’t understand why people somehow find it hard to grasp the concept that you can be both and are apparently confused by it.

The two are not mutually exclusive, as Italian poc exist.

Anyways, the OP is right. Helena is still Italian despite the change of race (though if we’re being technical, she’s more Sicilian than Italian) and they’re right about how POC exist in the Batfam, but both DC and fandom in general tend to whitewash them in order to suit their needs.

Why doesn't your appearance list have season two of arrow?

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If you’ll notice, I actually haven’t updated it in a while. 

I’ve been busy with other things, and I haven’t added Helena’s recent appearances in, that is until today.

I’ll also admit that I’m not interested in Arrow since I’m not fond of the way they’ve portrayed her, and I find it very difficult to talk about the show and constructively critique it, mainly because people get so defensive and invade my inbox with hate whenever I do so.

So I find it’s better to just avoid talking about it all together.

Anyways, it’s updated now.